Another 4-letter word

by Devi S. Laskar

(Published in the Tiferet Journal

These days our political resistance is measured by the number of telephone calls we place, the number of letters we write, the number of times we hound our congressional representatives on Twitter. We wear our pink-knitted hats and carry our posters from place to place, time to time, protesting what the politicians say and do.

After 120 days of the Trump administration, I cringe at the word resistance. The word itself is too polite for these times, too old-fashioned. I want a hip, modern word, something with attitude and grit, a four-letter word.

Thanks to the dictionary and thesaurus, I stumbled on this: DRAG. One of the alternative definitions of DRAG is wind resistance.

That’s perfect.

The Trump administration is nothing short of a desert storm, kicking up sand into our eyes and noses, shoving sand down our throats. But wind resistance, well that’s a whole new territory. With DRAG, I am part of an army of aerodynamic people creating my own superpower of withstanding this administration’s greed and lies, of staying strong like a skyscraper or an airplane when faced with adverse conditions. With DRAG, I’m using my voice and demanding to be heard.