Here is a collection poised to snap you out of your daydreams and into an alert wonder about this strange, familiar world.
— Elizabeth Rosner, author of "Survivor Cafe" & "Gravity"

This book of poems explores the questions of identity and race, and what it means to be in exile in your own country. Ms. Laskar writes of the politics of race and gender and not belonging in both the Deep South of the United States where she was born and raised, and in India, where she spent many summers as a child and adolescent visiting her extended family.

The road trip of Gas & Food, No Lodging travels the interstate of precise form, indelible language, and a music that rivals the wind, creat[ing] a tryptic of dreams that is interpreted through mythologies
— Elmaz Abinader, author of "This House, My Bones"
Laskar ... often looks back to a culture that is thousands of years older than ours and what that offers—the tension from this knowledge lends her  poems a kind of poignant humor and bitter wisdom. 
— Patricia Spear Jones, author of "A Lucent Fire: New & Selected Poems"