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Editorial Services

Need a writing coach or an editor to help organize your writing life and get your manuscript into shape?

Come work with me!

I can serve as fresh eyes for your work, and guide you through edits and next steps.


Please contact me at for more details.

My rates:

$195 will get you a 25-minute conversation and my assessment of 3,000 words of your novel- or memoir-in-progress. If you want to submit 5,000 words, then the price (including the phone consultation) is $280.

If we decide to work together for the entirety of your manuscript, my rate is $.04/word (minus the initial assessment).

For poetry manuscripts, please send me an email for more details.


"Working with Devi Laskar changed my relationship to editing and thinking about an entire prose project as a whole living ecosystem. Her advice expanded my ideas of genre and discovery as her recommendations of books to read projected me into a universe I didn't know before. Devi Laskar's keen reading and editorial skills transformed the pieces of my manuscript. It became a realized memoir that won an international literary prize."

                --- Rajiv Mohabir, author of The Cowherd's Son, winner of the Kundiman Prize (2017) and The Taxidermist's Cut, winner of the Intro Prize in Poetry Four Way Books (2016)

"She moves deftly from offering big picture critiques about theme and structure to incisive and brilliant line-level comments about word choice, rhythm, and flow. She can look at a piece and say what does and does not work, and more importantly, how to think about improving it. Her approach to writing is wholesale positive, which is what I love about her the most. She approaches every piece of writing and every writer with the optimism, encouragement, and support that, in and of itself, matures the writing. I found myself believing that I could write after sharing my work with Devi. It is rare to find such talent, humility, and inspiration in a single person. Working with her not only helped me finish my work, but I was able to really be who I was through my writing.

                --- Sejal Patel, attorney, writer, and contributing editor to Carve Magazine



Devi Laskar is an excellent editor. She has an incredible ear for language, and a great understanding of character and story. She helped me shape my novel into something worth reading. I always send my work to Devi before submitting it to important residencies, or workshops. She’s also a joy to work with!

                --- Julie Rappaport, author of 365 Yoga, writer, yoga practitioner and therapist.

Devi S. Laskar is a warm, wonderful, insightful reader and encouraging coach. Not only is she an award-winning and critically lauded author of a much-loved novel, as well as a powerful poet, she is an experienced editor who has had a hand in encouraging and improving many successful books. She'll take your book on its own terms and let you know how to make it into the strongest version of your vision.


               --- Elizabeth Stark, Author of Shy Girl, educator, filmmaker, and co-founder of Story Makers Show podcast and Sonoma County Writers Camp

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