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A Perfect Day


What a perfect day? A day to organize, a day to catch up, a day to relax, a day to write, and a day to read, a day to edit, and another day to read (because you really can’t have enough days to read). So the perfect day is really a week.


So there’s no such thing as a perfect day.

I may not be able to have a perfect day but a perfect two hours…that much I can manage. It’s the time right after I’ve written, and I have a few minutes to spare before my chores and obligations begin to loom over me. I live for those precious moments where I read an essay or a chapter of a book on the #TBR stack on my desk. A moment where I am immersed in a world that is not my own and I can fall in love with words again.

This time to read is entirely based on a reward system. If I don’t write, even just for 10 minutes, then I don’t give myself permission to read. And reading, well, that’s the heart and soul of writing. It is our love of language and stories that made us writers. Don’t misunderstand, I love to write. But like most humans, I have a myriad of distractions and obligations —

So a perfect day is every day that I make myself sit down and write. So I have words to show for my efforts, and I can have words to read for pleasure.

I’m following Annie Proulx‘s advice: “Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.”


Here’s a glimpse into my #TBR:

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