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The Perfect Assassin is….Well, Perfect

I’m so honored to be with these debutante ball authors this year – terrific writers with stellar books coming out. Today is Kai’s launch day!!!!!

K.A. Doore has written a page-turner of a novel: The Perfect Assassin. Happily for all of her readers, it’s the first of a trilogy — so we have a splendid continuation to look forward to. Book Two will be out in October! I’m not your typical sci-fi fantasy genre reader — that being said, once upon a time I read Frank Herbert’s Dune, and the water crisis in Kai’s book and the descriptions of the desert and the political interplay of the tribes all reminded me of the classic Dune books and reminded me why I love a well-written, well-realized fantasy novel. Kai has built a beautiful, complex world with complicated characters and a great story – it is such a pleasure to read her work! But don’t take just my word for it:

“Doore is a force to be reckoned with, blending a stirring plot, elegant worldbuilding, effortless style, and diverse, empathetic characters.” – Starred review from Publisher’s Weekly

“Doore’s thrilling fantasy debut is a suspenseful murder mystery wrapped around a coming-of-age story, sprinkled with family intrigue, vengeful ghosts, and a gentle but bittersweet m/m romance. Ghadid, set on platforms hundreds of feet above shifting sands, is vividly described, with a fascinating history and culture that Doore folds in naturally. This author is one to watch.” ―Booklist

The book begins with a reluctant assassin and a murder, of course.

“…In Ghadid, a desert city perched hundreds of feet above the sands, the Basbowen family has seen better days. Once feared assassins, a clash with the drum chiefs who govern Ghadid led to a ban on contracts. A decade later, hope that the ban will be lifted has dwindled.

But tradition persists and the next generation of assassins has been trained. Alone out of his generation, Amastan’s glad that he’ll never be asked to take a contract. Instead, he can focus on a different, less bloody job: preserving Ghadid’s history.

At least, that’s his plan until he stumbles upon a drum chief’s corpse.

Now Amastan must find the murderer before they kill again…”

The Perfect Assassin

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookstore and buy this book! Take an afternoon and read it in one sitting, as I did. And enjoy being immersed in Ghadid — Great job Kai. Congratulations! You deserve every accolade that comes your way.

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