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One foot in Gryffendor…

…..And one foot in Slytherin. Definitely wish I could converse with snakes. Wish I could harness the love and interest I have for TV-binging and movie watching and channel it somehow in to a love of sitting at my desk and writing. Don’t misunderstand: I love to write. I love being in the world of my stories. I just wish I could do it in a less boring and less isolating way than sitting at my desk praying in the computer screen’s blue light. Every day, without fail. I am thrilled at the world of Harry Potter, I’m thrilled that it helped instill a deep love of reading in my children. I’m 52, which means I was ten years old when Star Wars first made its way to the silver screen.

Firm disciple of Princess Leia for the past forty years  — and decades later, loved the story of Rogue One, too, for answering an unvoiced question. Those movies made me seek out science fiction, and I found Dune this way, and Ray Bradbury‘s books, and Isaac Asimov. I loved the kitsch of the original Star Trek series, and was thrilled to see it reincarnated over the years, its off-shoot TV series, its special-effects film extravaganzas. I love the Marvel movies, I love the quiet dramas, I love to see a film credits and the words “based on a book by…” A chance to add to this voracious reader’s TBR list! I love my #artadayproject, because it forces me to seek beauty in the world, every day. I love the book adaptations: Kathy Bates scared the high-holy-hell out of me in Misery and Nicole Kidman was a soulful Virginia Woolf in The Hours.

I think their performances resonated with me because their interpretations were closely aligned with mine as I read these books years before I watched the film versions. I’m a night person trapped in a day world with three kids, which means I’m always jotting down ideas in the middle of the night. I’m a former reporter which means I love a good story and I thrive on deadline. You can take a girl out of the newsroom but you cannot take the newsroom out of the girl. I’m exceedingly grateful for my writing community and the writing groups I have found my way to — I would not be able to finish without their loving nagging. I’m glad for my curiosity, and my love of reading, photography and film — these four things have shaped me into a visual writer.

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